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All you need to know about an AngularJS web development company

By Sahil Saini @sahilsaini990
    2021-04-26 12:09:17.920Z

    If you ask any web developer regarding the best available framework for mobile app development, you will likely get to hear the name of only one technology: AngularJS. Indeed, AngularJS is the most popular and probably the most effective of all frameworks available in the market for building mobile applications. Almost every app development company would prefer the use of AngularJS to deliver the requirements of their clients. There are a few solid reasons why AngularJS is considered the best framework for app development. A few of these are as follows:

    1.Single page application development
    AngularJS allows developers to build a single-page application, which becomes very difficult if other frameworks are used. There are many advantages of a single-page application format. If an application is based on a single page, it naturally loads faster and becomes easy to navigate. From the user perspective, such applications can be run on any platform, and the experience of using such a simplified interface is simply superb. From the perspective of developers, maintaining a single-page application is much easier than the multi-page one. You would find an angularjs web application development company using this feature in the marketing of its services, although it is an inherent capability of the framework.

    The use of the AngularJS framework makes the application highly scalable. So, if users demand more enhancements in the application, it can be done without hampering the core programming. It is the reason why angular app development is considered so versatile. If any change is required in a mobile application built on AngularJS, it can be done within a short period, with minimal effort.

    3.Real-time testing
    It is probably one of the most unique features of the AngularJS framework. Every AngularJS application development company derives a great advantage from this feature and makes deliveries of orders quickly. The feature is none other than the ability of real-time testing. AngularJS is a powerful framework. So, it allows developers to conduct their testing during the time of development itself. It saves the time and efforts of the developers as they can detect the defects faster. Then, they can work immediately upon them.

    4.Background support
    It is a feature that has an indirect advantage regarding the quality of applications developed on AngularJS. Every angularjs application development company is aware that the framework is supported by the tech giant Google. Hence, they know they are in safe hands. Since Google is known for rolling out brilliant features for its supported framework, AngularJS will never lose its brilliance.

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